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About This Tool

This is an embedding visualization of osu! beatmaps. It is created in such a way that similar beatmaps are placed close to each other in the atlas.

It can be useful to find new maps to play, or just to explore the world of osu! in a visual way.

How to Use

Enter your osu! username in the top left and click "Search". This will highligh all of your own best plays on the atlas.

From there, try clicking on some circles in areas in which you have plays. The bigger the circle, the more people have had that map as one of their hiscores (and the more likely it is to be a farm map).

You can use the filters and other controls in the left bar to search for a specific map or narrow down the set of displayed maps.

How it Was Built

All of the data used to create the embedding came from osu!track. The beatmaps in all tracked users' top plays were used to determine relationships between different maps and construct the embedding.

Built by ameo  —  Fully open source.